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Beyond just a virtual assistant, we seamlessly integrate into your team, dedicating ourselves to drive your business towards success in the digital landscape.

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Website and E-Commerce Management | Website Design and Development | Social Media Management | Virtual Assistant Services | YouTube Optimization and Planning | Dynamic Marketing Solutions


We focus on YOU and YOUR BRAND!

You can trust that you’re in capable hands, allowing us to take the reins from here!


Gain access to a dependable virtual assistant without the overhead of maintaining an in-house team.

Time Management

Reclaim your time to innovate, create new products, and expand your business with less worry about daily operations.


Rest easy knowing that your business is in capable hands as we focus on the tasks that drive your business forward.

Meet Kristi

Hello, I’m Kristi, an experienced online professional with over 15 years of navigating the digital landscape. My journey began as a blogger and evolved into roles as a virtual assistant and online business manager. Media Texan was born from the realization that success in the online world requires collaboration; trying to do it all alone has its limits.

Having worked closely with bloggers and small businesses, I’ve seen firsthand the need for comprehensive support. I understand the challenge of managing multiple responsibilities. My focus is on helping others accomplish their goals, freeing them to excel in what they do best—whether it’s crafting exceptional content, developing new products, or providing standout services to their clients and customers.

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