Hello, I’m Kristi, an experienced online professional with over 15 years of navigating the digital landscape. My journey began as a blogger at Moms Confession, where I honed my skills in creating engaging content and building online communities. This journey naturally evolved into roles as a virtual assistant and online business manager, where I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse clients across various industries.

Media Texan was born from the realization that success in the online world requires collaboration. Trying to do it all alone often has its limits. Having worked closely with bloggers and small businesses, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges they face in managing their online presence. From website and e-commerce management to social media engagement and YouTube optimization, the digital landscape can be overwhelming.

I understand the immense challenge of juggling multiple responsibilities. My focus with Media Texan is to provide comprehensive support, allowing my clients to focus on what they do best. Whether it’s crafting exceptional content, developing new products, or providing standout services to their clients and customers, I am here to take care of the behind-the-scenes tasks.

At Media Texan, reliability is our hallmark. You can trust that your online presence is in capable hands, allowing you the freedom to innovate and grow your business. Let us handle the day-to-day operations, while you concentrate on reaching new heights. Your success is our priority, and we’re excited to be part of your journey toward online excellence.

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